Friday, September 24, 2010

I don;t believe it matters

I don;t believe it matters
if I used a semicolon or an apostrophe
but that is another subject
an omission we shall discuss later

A duck walk
is not a cake walk

what made me say that?

chickens walk funny too
like people walk when they have to
walk like speed walkers
thats a funny walk

but getting back to what matters

clouds and stars and titty bars
and book learning

I learned a lot of things from books
like how they are bound and how their color changes
being on a shelf for more than five years in one spot

back to ducks
I saw, no, I witnessed a mother duck
attack my boat  for coming too close to her young
she played stricken with broken wings
leading me away to be killed  by what ever means I wished
giving her life before my eyes if I were given to  take it

I don't believe it matters if I would have killed her
this duck
her children  would have killed me for the rest of my life
if I ever came to the  realization of what I had done
Killing a duck

But to substitute a semicolon for an apostrophe?

I guess some people would write in circles
acting like they have broken brains
if you were to ever come close to written perfection
with your scary prose or poetry

Getting away from ducks
like I did
in a boat
I return now and can;t get away

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