Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A Girl's facebook status:-"Travelled in Bus after long time"

Comments Left by Male friends :-
1) Awww, so sweet..!!!
2) May be nextime will go together sweetie...!!!
3) Wow, i want to experience it..!!!
4) You went without me..?:(
5) Wonderful dear..!!!
6) Superlike!!!

A Boy's facebook status:- "Travelled in Bus after a long time.."
Comments Left by same Male friends :-
1) Haan toh saale hum kya kare..?
2) Bas yehi teri aukat hai.!!
3) Kamine ab auto mai bhi jaiga toh status update karega kya..??
4) Baap ko bol kam se kam cycle lekar de..!!!
5) Usi bus ka conductor ban ja kutte.
6) Ticket kharida ki nahi Bhikhari ? 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Must read

Boy: Hello Babe…. (11:45pm)

Girl: (last seen at 11:46pm)

Boy: Hey please answer me (11:50pm)

Girl: (last seen at 11:52pm)

Boy: But why do you treat me like that??
Why don’t you answer me? (12:00am)

Girl: (last seen at 12:00am)

Boy: Ok good night dear,
i just wanted to tell you that tody I have received my salary worth Rs.50,000 and i have reserved Rs.20,000 for your shopping….but l think

Girl(typing): ohh hi dear…
Actually mum was here thats why I couldn’t reply…
N wow darling thats a gr8 newz….
I love you a lot..
N when shall we go ? (12:05am)

Boy: (last seen 12:06am)

Girl: Baby please answer me na…
dear i was off last time, lemme know na when shall we go?(12:08am)

Boy: (last seen 12:09am)

Girl: I think your looking very tired cpz off work load..
So now u go to bed n sleep.. well honey, tk cr, (12:10am)

Boy: (last seen 12:12am)
Girl: sorry to disturb u but 1 thing I forgot that
tomorrow mom dad are not at home in the evening, so u can come to my place after u janu..gudnyt.. (12:20am)
Boy(online) – ohh i was preparing for sleep, surely we will meet..c ya tomorrw..mmuuahhh

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sansoo ka pinjra

Sanso ka pinjra kisi din toot jayega, Phir musafi kisi raah me choot jayega, Abhi sath hai to do baaten karlo, Kya pata kab mukaddar humse ruth jayega….

Reh na paoge

Reh na paoge bhula kar dekh lo, Yakin na aaye to aajma kar dekh lo, Har jagah mehsus hogi meri kami, Apni mehfil ko kitna bhi saja kar dekh lo…

Kitna ikhtiyar tha use apni chahat par

Kitna ikhtiyar tha use apni chahat par, Jab chaha yaad kiya,jab chaha bhula diya….. Bahut achche se janta hai wo mujhe behlane k tareeke, Jab chaha hasa diya,jab chaha rula diya….!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Funny one

EK Pathan ek Baniye ki shaadi mein gaya.

shaadi waale ghar k 2 Darwazy the,
1 pe rishtedar dusre pe dost likha tha.

pathan, dosto wale darwaze se enter huwa.
Aagee phir 2 darwaze the,
1 pe ladies dosre pe gents likha tha.

Pathan, gents wale darwaze se enter hua.
wahan 2 or darwaze the,
1 pe gift dene wala doosre pe baghair gift wala likha tha.

pathan baghair gift waale darwazy mein enter ho gaya.

Jab dekha to pathan, bahar gali me khada tha!

Aurrr likha tha:
sharm to nhi aa rahi hogi,
Baniye ki shaadi aur free mein roti khayega ?

JA JA hawa khhaa..:

Heart beat

Friday, July 12, 2013

unki aankhon ki nami

unki aankhon ki nami me dub jane ko jee chahta he,wunke julfo ki chhaw me do pal thahar jane ko jee chahta he,wunki gaud me sar rakh ke do pal so jane ko jee chahta he,aye khuda waqt ke is kagar par ab to do pal aur wunke liye jeene ko jee chahta he-

ubharte shayar Deepak Singh.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Extreme love

Main is hisaar se niklun to aur kuch sochun,
Tumhare pyar se niklun to aur kuch sochun,
Racha hua h tera ishq meri nas nas me,
Main is gubar se niklun to aur kuch sochun....

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bad luck

Wife(sms): Hi baby.

Husb: Hiii honey..(sending failed)

Wife: R u there??

Husb: Yes here...(sending failed)

Wife: R u ignorng me or wat??

Husb: Honey im nt..i m ryt here.. (sending failed)

Wife: Its over..dnt evr talk to me again!

Husb: Marja kameeni (message sent)..                

Aadmi galat nahi hotta, haalaat galat hotte hain.


A student failed in law & decided to make a deal with professor.

Sir, do u know everything about law?

Prof: Yes.

Student: If u can answer dis question, i will accept my final marks, if u cant, u have to give me "A".

Professor agreed.

Boy asked: "What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal & neither legal nor logical?"

Prof thought about it for hrs & pondered no answer.

He had to finally give up as he really did not know.

He gave the boy his "A".

The following day, professor askd same ques to his students.

He was shocked when all of them raised their hands.

He asked one student.

He answered:
Sir, u are 65, married to 28 yrs old woman, dis is legal but not logical.

Ur wife, is having an affair with a 23 year old boy, dis is logical but not legal.

Ur wife's boyfriend has failed in his exam & yet u have given him an "A", dis is neither logical nor legal.

The professor collapsed...


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Male logic

Woman: Do you drink beer?
Man: Yes
Woman: How many beers a day?
Man: Usually about 3
Woman: How much do you pay per
Man: $5.00 which includes a tip
Woman: And how long have you been
Man: About 20 years, I suppose
So a beer costs $5 and you have 3
beers a day,
which puts your spending each
month at $450.
In one year, it would be
approximately $5400 …correct?
Man: Correct
If in 1 year you spend $5400,
the past 20 years puts your spending
at $108,000, correct?
Man: Correct
Do you know that if you didn’t drink
so much beer,
you could have now bought a Ferrari?
Man: Do you drink beer?
Woman: No
Man: Where’s your Ferrari ?

Beauty of nature

Sunday, June 9, 2013


MAN... he

FOR that CHILD in YOUR womb is
ME and HALF of YOU; and I will
YOU go THROUGH the PREGNANCY alone. ­.. I may NOT carry OUR
child BUT i
WILL carry YOU and OUR child IN
HEART and CARE. I WILL be THE best
FATHER to OUR child... WE are

Now that's a REAL man